The Year of Songs Vol​.​2

by Daniel James Eaton

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A song a day for a year starting December 16th, 2011 December 15th, 2011. There are fourteen volumes of 25 songs each. This is volume two. You can download the albums for free by putting "0" in the "name your price". I'm not looking to make any money from any of this. It is completely for personal growth and my need to share the music that I make. Thank you for being apart of this project by listening.


released February 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Daniel James Eaton Colorado Springs, Colorado

Daniel James Eaton is a Singer Songwriter from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has written over 400 songs, getting a large boost from writing/publishing/recording a song everyday for the year of 2012. His songs offer meditative, peaceful sounds with deeply philosophical messages that lie within his prose, metaphor, analogy and prudence. He performs under the moniker Briffaut. ... more

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Track Name: 01-10-12
i think I'm floating away to oblivion
if i could get there today then i'd get out much sooner
live in the forest
make friends with the animals
feed them a chorus
they'll nibble you're fingers
all you need is right there
all you need is right there

i found a few
that kept straight at my side
and then another that called me his brother
then there was you
oh what do i do with you
Track Name: 01-11-12
and i wish for more of you
chirping under-water room
all the finest skies of blue
chirping under-water room

do you re-
member when
all of us had never met

thinking back
clearly now
hoping that
you're doing well

kill the glory
kill the sorrow
maybe try again tomorrow

sunken treasure's
never better
stolen from the one you love

go all out for best results
go until you're blood and bones
sleep a couple hours here
sleep a couple hours there

call your mom
call your mom
make sure they're all still alive
where is home?
where is home?
sure it's just a walk or drive

away from us away from us
chirping underwater room
see you soon see you soon
chirping underwater room
Track Name: 01-12-12
better minutes spent on feeding winter dreams
old patches of grass covered in memories
if i open my eyes too fast they might not work anymore
old giant wooden doors sunlit and heavy

like our eyes
like our lips
sipping coffee in the new morning haze
a morning we never belonged to
we're just visiting, we'd say
the end of the rope led to day warmed beds
everything deadening, slipping away

the cold reminds me
to look for another
if someone finds me
to name them beloved
for the warmth
for the warmth
that i had in the past
for the sleepless morning
where i watched you dream
dreaming right next to me
for the last time
Track Name: 01-13-12
we were running through the forest
with our feet bleeding badly
and i mentioned so so softly
that i couldn't go on without you

so it ends the motion
of the water and the wind
and so it pins the sun down
but the moon is coming in

we feel the empty islands
in the glass bottles we keep
for the periodic table's just a map

we had made it to the valley
where the sun was dying out
we did everything to save him
but we really weren't much help
Track Name: 01-14-12
john lennon
falls from my walls
i put 'em back up
but he
tumbles back down

i drink my coffee
from egyptian mugs
or sometimes it's elephants
from the shelf above

and i waltz among you
forgetting my virtues
we're up to the tree lines
but only the free ones
i've still got the matchbook
from the cabin from the dream
that we made

the sun going down can be a difficult time
Track Name: 01-15-12
deep down
under all things
all i need now
are my memories
in my eyes

open eyes wide
in a nice place
trying harder
picture your face
Track Name: 01-16-12
precious sun
i wanted it to be mine
but whoever brought me
to this longing?

forgotten things
at the bottom of everything
but who ever taught me
to want such things

i found the footsteps outside of the house
i followed them closely my eyes to the ground
they led me to nowhere well i knew they would
i followed the footsteps i made yesterday

lonely fire
to stay warm
to stay warm
to stay warm

wet water blackness
i can hide
i can hide
i can hide

i'll wash in with the tide and meet you for coffee in the morning
in the morning i found you discovering virtues
things in a box by the side of your bed
things to forget when you're in love:
my sadness
my worries
my purpose
there just things in a box by the side of your bed
Track Name: 01-21-12
you are a pilot
tattered with years
years spent on skylines
brilliant desire

i am a dreamer
back to the grass
pondering over
the things that don't last

blue and gold
young and old
i saw you
long ago

out on horizons
out calling the sun up
for morning

and what is a life worth
and what is a desert
and what is my soul worth
when it leaves my body

and what is a life worth
and what is a desert
and what is my soul worth
when it leaves my body
Track Name: 01-23-12
broken wings are pretty things
when held in hands of strangers

i'll fall asleep i can't go on
the world follows later

i wake up several hours later
morning : darkness : morning

feeling for the lights and warmer
anything ever anywhere

and i can't go on like this much more
Track Name: 01-24-12
informed decider
thoughts getting wider
no parades for a last glance
just a blade of grass in the wind

i forgot my eyes on the edge
oh forgotten view of the world
drifting away drifting away
drifting away in the space of the day
Track Name: 01-25-12
holy angels
falling over
thoughts of humans
lonely rumors

stolen graveyards
lost in forests
holy spatial
unknown future
Track Name: 01-26-12
happiness it comes to those in bed with heavy eye lids
happiness it comes to those who hold another dearly
oh i never knew just what i wanted wanted really
oh i never knew just what i wanted wanted really

happiness it comes to those who float like phantom doorways
among the weak and herded sheep that wait for one to take them
happiness it comes to those alone an angel near me
well happiness has skipped on down the road
Track Name: 01-27-12
this is the morning light on your face
these are a million birds chirping
they must carry flutes under wings
under things that are hidden from human eye

opening windows and feeling the wind
reminds me of all that has been
i'm carrying flutes under wings
under things that are hidden from everyone's eye

watch the beautiful creatures from another world
Track Name: 01-28-12
what is a distant anything
lost in my own perception
what is one mind and the world
lost in my own reflection

what is the next step
funny little steps
control the whole world

what more can i lose or gain
before they don't matter anymore

what is a floating beauty
and why is it's sting unforgiving
how do i get to the high ground
and when will it ever stop spinning

what is the next step
funny little steps
control the whole world

what more can i lose or gain
before they don't matter anymore
Track Name: 01-29-12
i had a dream last night and in the dream i was boarding and airplane
all of the pilots were cats and instead of seats there were wicker baskets
they had difficulty taking off because the sky was the ground and the ground wasn't there at all
suddenly a cat from the back of the plane stood up and started screaming
we were falling upwards straight out of the planet because sometimes my whole existence is being pushed off of the planet
and the cats were screaming and screaming ohhhhhhh just like this

and i
look for anything
when i find it
it seems fleeting

and i
look for you somehow
even if i'm
floating out in space
Track Name: 01-30-12
all the same to you
i think i'd rather walk
amongst the shallow waters
and the gold that lies beneath
Track Name: 01-31-12
i wake up to blood and walking weather
the sun goes down like volcanoes in reverse
all of the mountains here once were pretty
all of the mountains here a long time ago
Track Name: 02-01-12
an ancient connection
the smile in your mothers eye
kind aging eyes
we can still fly
we keep our heads up and carry on

a paining reflection
after a while the sun arrives
calm air morning warmed
it never ends
kind aging eyes
we can still fly
we keep our heads up high and carry on

and i was born and now i live and i will die
and i was born and now i live and i will die
Track Name: 02-02-12
learn all you can from the miserable planet your on
know that it's beautiful know that it's beautiful somewhere
i missed you at breakfast i wonder what's next for us
too many people in one room and i lost my mind
Track Name: 02-03-12
learning how to fly
I'm closer
I'm further away
But I'm closer

one and a half verses closer
to the edge of the world
on the weekends they do lose their minds
to the edge of the world

like the night worthy streets
like the barefoot walks
down the paths in the dark
to the light up ahead

i think i need another
fifty days
: ]