The Year of Songs Vol​.​5

by Daniel James Eaton

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A song a day for a year starting December 16th, 2011 December 15th, 2011. There are fourteen volumes of 25 songs each. (and a fifteenth volume with the remainder of the songs). This is volume five. You can download the albums for free by putting "0" in the "name your price". I'm not looking to make any money from any of this. It is completely for personal growth and my need to share the music that I make. Thank you for being apart of this project by listening.


released April 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Daniel James Eaton Colorado Springs, Colorado

Daniel James Eaton is a Singer Songwriter from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has written over 400 songs, getting a large boost from writing/publishing/recording a song everyday for the year of 2012. His songs offer meditative, peaceful sounds with deeply philosophical messages that lie within his prose, metaphor, analogy and prudence. He performs under the moniker Briffaut. ... more

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Track Name: 03-25-12
the gears are always turning in my mind
even with a wrecking ball through the wall
we'd love to give you all of our money
but you took it all a month ago

come with me and watch the spring leaves grow
someday we'll return amongst the snow

someone hold me now
hold me till i go
someone hold me now
until the winter snow
Track Name: 03-26-12
hungry wolves
surround us
they are getting closer

we weren't fast enough
we weren't fast enough
Track Name: 03-27-12
i awoke in the blue dawn
searching out searching out

a moment lost in time
i felt it leave my body
i felt it leave my body

there it was all the same
lost among
the past

you are doing things i hate
you are doing things i hate
you are doing things i hate

all i wanted
all i needed
Track Name: 03-28-12
are lost
in the waves
my friend

we will find

the stars
are bright

in your eyes
i count
Track Name: 03-29-12
i was following a time machine that led to brighter days
when i thought for the first time in a long time that my mind erased
and then i started thinking that maybe instead it's been replaces
with things i gather in the time machine from all the better days

and i wonder what happened all day
Track Name: 03-30-12
i am on the lamb
i am always running
looking for a better way to live

the trees they do not bother me the fishes there under the sea
are fine resting underneath the water
Track Name: 03-31-12
we're floatin on the wings of death, my friend
either one of us could jump at any second
is that fire or water floating toward us

i saw your eyes grow narrow over time
you saw me changing in to useless things

but now we stand here
holding guns
on the wings of death
waiting for the fire to lick our heels enough

but i love you in the end
crumbling walls reveal my scattered bones
but where will you burry them?
in the backyard or the front yard?

i miss the lights that resembled america
i miss the lights that we used to call home

i miss the way the world turned
before i stepped
on the cracked ice
Track Name: 04-01-12
jump off the ship
that isn't yours
before it sinks
filling your pours
with water

i cannot enjoy
the way the water moves tonight
pulling away from the moon
pulling away all too soon

i cannot go home until it moves just right
ill wait another hour or so
for water or wind to direct me home
Track Name: 04-03-12
i've gone around to all the places that i know
but no matter how i search out where you went
it never leads to any time well spent

i miss your eyes like i
miss the reasons
for the
lonely seasons we missed

i saw the light shine
through a
golden mirror once
and it
changed the way i viewed the darkness
Track Name: 04-04-12
sleep softly
in your bed
all alone
all i know
is when i die
i'll be home
take me now
i'd be happy
to go home

i'd be happy to take you home
i'd be happy to take you home
bright wide eyes
blue all over

i'd be happy to take you home
i'd be happy to take you home

don't give up
or you'll go down
and i'll miss you anyhow

soon enough
i'll do for you
what you've always done for me

and i thought i saw a glint in your eyes
when i told you that i thought i was leaving
that you didn't really want me to go
and you knew that you were the reason
Track Name: 04-05-12
i got lost over my
own thoughts
i emerged to find you

where could you have gone

the stars
and still
you are lost
Track Name: 04-07-12
four thirty in the morning
that was when i stopped caring
what a funny human mind
honestly carving away
i have never minded
i have always minded

i knew what was happening to me
i knew it was pure misery
but i wanted love
i thought i needed love
sure enough i do
i will come back to you

and again you falter back
a connection heart attack
and it all sinks to the corners of the rooms we laughed in
years ago
eyes closed
i will not come back to you

i wonder what you'll do
with all the wet seats in your car
when you discover that
the windows are down and it has rained

will you roll them up real quick
or will you stand there looking sick
watching all your memories float away

i wonder what you'll do
with all the soaking memories

will you dry them off carefully
or will you discard them all forever
Track Name: 04-08-12
harpoons are useless here
we walk out on the open field

waiting for the trees to speak
of our existence
i come and put my back to them
i let them whisper to me

through their leaves
with the wind

your money wont buy you anything here
we sit down cross legged in the open field

i watch the wheat fly in the wind
it shows me the way the world can move
it whispers softly of time
i move like them through my dreams

the green lights surrounded me
i was running free from oblivion
right towards confusion
Track Name: 04-09-12
im calling for the rain
im gathering the clouds
i want to hear the white noise
i want to hear the white noise

forget about the snow
forget about the shroud
i want to watch the grass grow
i want to watch the grass grow

falling through the air
falling through the air
forget your winter eyes

rain will come
and wash away
the useless things
i used to say
as i remain
in puddled chairs
smiling at the songs i made
Track Name: 04-10-12
i've come to find
i've come to find
myself alone

the trees outside my window
in the rain

the way i went about it
so late
i was away

watch me in the water
watch me in the water
swim away
i swim away
Track Name: 04-11-12
the rain dampened the spring air
the gaunt structures'
bouncing light

the first spring rain
on the first springs night
the second try
the long goodbye

hold on
to the sides
of the ship
for your life

the puddles gathered
on the sidewalks
every five blocks
for miles

for the midnight walks
where the higher thoughts
take over
my steps

hold on
to the sides
of the ship
for your life
Track Name: 04-12-12
the ghost
of three years
in the sea
to the west
i know
you know

they tell us they cannot go any further
they tell us we were never very lost

we see
the birds
to the east
to the land
of the ganjees

they tell us they cannot go any further
they tell us we were never very lost
we set out to find the meaning of it all
Track Name: 04-13-12
what are we but tomorrows wounds
come and see me
come and see me
over the fields
over the sun
over as the rest of us fall to the ground

the water hits your legs
the water makes you beg for land
feel it pounding
feel it pounding
then it's gone
Track Name: 04-14-12
i've been out there chasing things i do not understand
running through the forests all the time
looking for my holy ghost to lead me through the trees
maybe i can see it through the leaves
i may be lost but i am not alone

swollen eyes through telephone lines they keep me in my place
it's not enough to simply say goodbye
scattered lines of way to write they haunt me in my dreams
it's not enough to just enjoy the words
i may be lost but i am not alone
Track Name: 04-15-12
the smoke in your eyes
i wish you would have come
the smoke in my eyes
the fire started from
im just another wanderer
im just another wanderer
everything was following
everything was following
the waves

we were out of our way
on a hot summers day
when we hit a great bump in the road
and the following evening
the house lights went out
and we talked by a candle til five
Track Name: 04-16-12
we are standing on the moon
sorrowed in the craters
an ordinary room
with ordinary waiters
my eyes i rub them red
for none of them have faces

why are you standing alone in a dark room
fishing for answers in a kerosene lantern
visions of a forest and the water coming towards us
all written down through the night like a phantom
Track Name: 04-18-12
my sleeping mind cannot understand
why you are not here to hold my hand
i woke up today out of afternoon webs
moving my hand slowly through them

i am beloved in silence
and pressing myself in the corner
of the room

when can i sleep
possession of a migraine
when can i sleep
possession of a migraine